What's typically included in the Flashfoodbox?

We offer a variety of produce that are surplus or are not good enough for retail. This can include staples like potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, root vegetables, eggplant, apples, and oranges. As we get into the summer months, we will be able to offer more fruit variety on a weekly basis. Please note that since we pack our box as close as possible to delivery, we can't guarantee what goes in the box every week. You can use last week's box list (in the product description) as a basis for what's in the current box.

How do you choose what's available?

We choose availability based on what our local farmer partners have in surplus or are rejected by retailers (considered number 2's). We’ll keep you on your toes!

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to the Greater Toronto Area. If you're still not sure, you'll have a chance to check if your postal code is eligible before checkout.

How long does it take for me to receive the box?

We deliver the box weekly, every Thursday. You have until Sunday at 11:59PM to order the box for that upcoming Thursday's delivery. This means if you order Monday to Thursday, your box will be delivered the following Thursday. This is the same cut off for subscribers. Subscribers can go into their account here to skip weeks.

Is all the packaging Recyclable?

We wouldn’t have it any other way! The box, the thermal liner (if applicable) and the packaging are all curb side recyclable. You can always use them for something else around the house! You may sometimes, get bits of plastic in your box from wrapped vegetables. These are not in our control as it comes from farmers.

Can I customize my box?

To get the ball rolling, we’re only offering 1 box based on what we’re able to source. We're looking to add customization and dietary preferences soon! Love us anyways?!

What do I need to know about having a subscription?

On the day you receive your Flashfoodbox, your credit card will be charged upfront for your next delivery. However, this does not affect your ability to skip your next delivery or cancel your subscription. You can login to your account here.

Account changes made by 11:59:59 pm on the Sunday before your next delivery will be processed for that delivery. Changes made after this time will take effect for the subsequent cycle.

If you cancel your membership after your credit card has been pre-charged, a refund will be processed automatically within 5 business days.

What is the cut off date to order a one time Flashfoodbox?

The cut off date/time is every Sunday at 11:59:59PM to get your order on Thursday of the same week.

How do I log into my account?

To access your account, login here: https://www.flashfoodbox.ca/account/login. You can click on "Create Account" if you don't have one or "Forgot Your Password" to create a new password.

Once logged in, you'll see your Order History. You can also click on "Manage Subscriptions" located under your name on the left side of your screen to add a discount code or change your box quantity, address or payment information.

If you would like to skip your next box or multiple boxes, then please email us at contact@flashfood.com and we can take care of that for you.

What if I am not satisfied with the quality of food I received?

We have implemented thorough food quality guidelines and work hard to ensure you receive the food in good condition. Regardless we want to hear about any issues with your box! Reach out to our customer support team at contact@flashfood.com and we’ll make it right. It’s the least we can do… Well the least would be to do nothing.. But that’s not cool.. And we like to be cool!